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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Myspace Girl Beaten By Cheerleaders

Six teenage girls attacked a 16 year old girl and taped it in hopes of it becoming a popular internet video. They did this because the victim, Victoria Lindsay, was "talking trash on myspace". This happened on March 30th. The girls somehow got her to come to a home in Lakeland, Florida, then confronted her and beat her severely.
One of the girls slammed Victoria's head into a wall until she became unconscious.
She then woke up on the couch, and was being beaten by the 6 girls while they continued to film the violent attack.
Two boys stood outside on guard while the attack took place. The eight teenagers involved have all been charged with felony battery and false imprisonment.
Three of the teenagers put Victoria in a car after the attack to another location. They are being charged with felony kidnapping. The victim has suffered a concussion, permanent hearing loss in one ear, and permanent vision impairment from one of her eyes according to new reports.
The girls that attacked her are all cheerleaders according to what can be heard in the video.
The criminals names are, Mercades Nichols, Brittini Hardcastle, April Cooper, Cara Murphy, Britney Mayes, Kayla Hassell, Zachary Ashley, and Stephen Schumaker.

1 comment:

Ruben said...

The vid is down, but I was shocked when I was reading the story. How can anyone be so cruel?

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