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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rachel Uchitel Pics

Rachel Uchitel is the first of the three mistresses of the professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Rachel completely denies the affair, but is not believed by the general public due to Woods having multiple affairs with women. So now there are massive searches for Rachel Uchitel photos. I have provided several pictures below. Enjoy the pics!

Jaimee Grubbs Pics

Jaimee Grubbs is the recently exposed mistress of the professional golf player, Tiger Woods. The affair had been going on for 31 months according to Grubbs. She had saved over 300 text messages that show that the two had been communicating back and forth in ways a married man shouldn't have been. Most likely Jaimee Grubbs was plotting to do this eventually due to having all of these text messages saved. You can view pictures of Tiger Woods mistress below. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jennifer Aniston - Has Hair

If I were to write a biography of actress, Jennifer Aniston, it could take a year. So, what I am going to do, is consistently add things to this bio as time goes on.

So how did the girl born in Sherman Oaks, California end up growing up to be Forbes 8th most powerful celebrity this year? Well, perhaps it helped that she is the daughter of an actress and an actor. Or perhaps it is her striking appearance and general likability in the way she presents herself off the screen. Jennifer Aniston has brought in $904 million with her roles in movies. Her most recent movie is called Love Happens and is one of the reasons she is in her powerful celebrity status position. This puts her ahead of her ex, Brad Pitt.

Now this may be off topic, but lets talk about Jennifer Aniston's hair. The lady has been changing it since the beginning. Her hair is also the envy of a lot of other women out there, proven by a whole Elle column written about the history of Jennifer's hair. There is also a Youtube instructional video that teaches you how to have hair like Jennifer Aniston. That is some serious stuff! It goes over hair products, as well as different methods and tricks that can improve the way a girl's hair looks.

So lets get back to the rise of Aniston. Her first major film role was in the movie Leprechaun. She was only 24 back in 1993 when the film was created. This movie is typically looked down upon by critics but does happen to have a cult following. More for its humor aspect I imagine. A year after that she auditioned for the show "Friends". She didn't land the role she wanted but ended up with the role as Rachel Green. Courtney Cox ended up landing the role Aniston wanted. During the last 2 seasons of Friends, Jennifer Aniston earned $1 million per episode. She also created the popular 90's hairstyle known as "The Rachel" through her years on Friends. So thats more with the hair.

She met Brad Pitt on a blind date during her Friends days. The two dated for two and a half years until they decided to get married. They were married for 5 years until they broke up and went separate ways.

She has 10 movie roles set in the next few years. This 40 year old actress is showing no signs of slowing down. While in fact, it seems she is just getting bigger and bigger in the world of Hollywood. Picture this, Jennifer Aniston shaves her head in the headlines, and the next thing you know, girls everywhere are shaving there heads, we could call that one the Britney.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dwayne Wade Sues Wife

Dwayne Wade has sued his estranged wife, Siohvaughn Wade for defamation. He is seeking $50,000 in damages from each defendant. His wife had accused him of contracting a sexually trasmitted disease through an affair with another woman.

She did not specify what disease it was, but had made the claims in 2007.

Lets see what Dwayne Wade has to say about all of this. "It has been difficult to see false allegations, rumors and gossip repeatedly discussed in public about my personal life. I had no other choice but to file this action in order to clear my name."

Wade has made no further comments on the lawsuit.

New York Post Cartoon Chimpanzee

Take a look at the cartoon that was put into the New York Post of a chimpanzee being shot dead with comments form an officer. This is obviously a play on what had happened the other day where a pet chimpanzee had attacked a woman's friend viciously in Connecticut.

The caption is what has people bothered. It reads, "They'll have to find someone else to write the enxt stimulus bill." So basically, it is portraying Barack Obama as a chimpanzee. Which is something that was done frequently with George Bush. But the media looooooves Obama, so this is not cool! It's racist!

Now honestly, yes, through the eyes of somebody that does look for racism, this will appear to be racist. But lets just keep it to a joke people! The day we can laugh about things without getting offended will be a good day. Al Sharpton is talking... which is a sign that it can't be a big deal.

The New York Post has said in response, "The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist."

Chimp Attack 911 Call Audio

The audio has been released of the 911 phone call from the chimp attack that took place in Stamford. To listen to the audio clip that has been released of the phone call, press play on the video below.

How Did Daniel Gorkey's Wife Die

Daniel Gorkey's wife died tragically at the age of 27 during a surgery for her congenital heart condition. Shortly after she had died, Daniel auditioned for American Idol. His wife had previously encouraged him to audition for the show.

Daniel Gorkey is quoted saying, "What I want to portray to people is to look inside themselves and to find strength. My wife had a heart condition her whole entire life, endured two surgeries when she was younger. She went through this third surgery that she didn't live through. But my wife, she didn't live life like she had a condition. She didn't let any limitations be put on her life. That's what I think about when I sing. I have such a passion to tell people, 'Get up, get out of your situation that has brought a lot of heartache to you and move on, move forward.'"

It is pretty hard not to like this guy. Check him out below singing Hero.

Danica Patrick Flag Tattoo

Danica Patrick has a flag tattoo right in the tramp stamp area of her back. You could have seen it from a Sports Illustrated magazine photoshoot almost a year ago. However, in her recent SI photoshoot the magazine airbrushed it away.

Why the issue? Some people may argue that it was an attack on her patriotism to her country. Most likely this was just the magazine making her look how they wanted her to look. If it is an
 issue to airbrush out a flag, it should be an issue to airbrush anything at all. So leave it alone!

To see a picture of her flag tattoo, check it out below.

Casey Anthony Diary Entry

Another piece of evidence is being used in the case against Casey Anthony. This one is a diary entry from a journal she had been keeping. The following is a transcipt from an entry on June 21st.

"I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out okay. I completely trust my own judgement and know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see -- This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will con
tinue to grow -- I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people -- I am finally happy. Let's just hope that it doesn't change."

Is that what a crazy person's diary looks like? Who writes like that? Apparently she does. It is a fairly strange entry considering what was going on on the date that she had written it. Perhaps she is delusional.

The picture below is of her journal entry.

Dalton School New York Suicide

At the Dalton School in Manhattan, a 17 year old prep student jumped out of an 11th floor window to his death as children were playing on the sidewalk below.

The teen had arrived for classes at the school, then had went to a dance studio, opened up a window and jumped out of it. The students below had scattered after he had hit the pavement according to witnesses. The particular student had several academic awards and was involved in various school activities.

Dalton School is providing counseling services for anybody that is effected by the tragic event. The school released a statement saying "The Dalton School community is deeply saddened by today's tragedy, which involved the death of a beloved 11th grade student. Our thoughts and
 sympathies go out to the family."

Obama Mortgage Relief Plan

Obama's Mortgage Relief Plan will be put into action to help homeowners refinance and reduce the number of foreclosures.

This plan will give up to 5 million homeowners access to low cost refinancing in order to improve their interest rates and lower the monthly payment amounts.

There is a more in depth review of the mortgage relief plan at the link here.

Frosty Heidi and Frank Fired

So what is the deal? Are Frosty, Heidi, and Frank fired from their radio show? Are they leaving 97.1 Free FM? 

Here is what is happening. The radio station is converting over to be called AMP Radio "playing all of the hits". So the current talk show hosts such as Adam Carolla and Frosty, Heidi and Frank will be doing their final shows live this Friday. Until 5 p.m. when AMP Radio will begin. Then there will be 10,000 songs in a row with limited commercials.

This is a shame for people in Los Angeles that were fans of these radio hosts. I'm sure they will relocate eventually.

Super Puma Helicopter Crash

A Super Puma Helicopter crashed off of the coast of Scotland; fortunately all 18 people aboard the helicopter survived the crash and have been recovered according to the Royal Air Force.

The Puma had crashed about 120 miles eas of Aberdeen during its approach to a platform offshore. After the crash, passengers were recovered by helicopter and boat according to James Lyon, the assistant controller of the RAF's aeronautical rescue coordination center at RAF Kinloss, Scotland.

Below is a picture of what a Super Puma Helicopter looks like. The thing is a beast!

Tonya Harding Scandal

Tonya Harding was a US figure skating champion that was involved in two fairly big scandals. So when you say Tonya Harding scandal, there are two that are worth bringing up. The first and possibly most famous one is her "Wedding Video", which is a sex tape that was made with her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. The video was made in the early 90s and ended up being published by Penthouse in 1994.

The other scandal involves a conspiracy to kill Nancy Kerrigan, one of her competitors, when her ex-husband and bodyguard had hired Shane Stant to hit Kerrigan in her knee hard enough to force her out of the competition. Tonya Harding was found guilty of the crimes after winning her event.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TRX Exercises

This thing cracks me up. Check out all of the different exercises you can do with the TRX system. All of them involve using your body weight along with what is often called Vector Training. Once you purchase a TRX system you will probably be baffled with the amount of exercises you can do. It may be hard to figure out what will work out which body part. Check out this video below to get an idea of the different movements you can perform with your TRX system.

Watch Bleach Episode 207 Online

Below is the full episode 207 of the Anime series called Bleach. This has English subs as well for those of you that are not fluent in Japanese! NOTE : Switch to fullscreen mode in order to see the full picture. The frame of the blog post doesn't seem to fit the whole video.

Amy Fisher Website

Amy Fisher was known as the Long Island Lolita at the age of 16 when she had shot her lover's wife in the face. Now, seventeen years later at the age of 34, Fisher has started up her own website. She is using the tragedy and her infamy to draw attention to herself.

What kind of website did she start up? None other than a porn site. She is quoted saying about her site, "I love to dance, and I'm an exhibitionist. I am going to take this road until my fans tell me, 'Dear, please put your clothes back on. You're too old.'"

Her fans call her dear? Are her fans grandmothers? It may just be me... but I picture a fat basement dweller over a person that says "Dear, please put your clothes back on."

So there ya have it. Amy Fisher is starting up her own website.

A-Rod Ripped Fuel

A-Rod has recently stated in a press conference that one of the supplements he was taking is called Ripped Fuel. This is a stimulant fat burner that can be found in any GNC store in the country. The substance has however been banned from Major League Baseball.

This particular product does not have any anabolic steroids in it. It does have caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin. The product is notorious for having certain health risks that are associated with stimulants of this kind.

You can learn more about Ripped Fuel here.

And you can purchase Ripped Fuel below.

Watch Family Guy S07 E07 Online

The following video is a full episode of Family Guy called Ocean's Three and a Half. It is episode 7 of season 7 of the series. The video is made available to you for free by Hulu.

Robert Allen Stanford Fraud

The Texan billionaire businessman, Robert Allen Stanford is being charged with fraud by the SEC, along with three of his companies that have been involved with fraud through his Stanford International Bank. The bank is located in St. Johns in the Caribbean.

The bank had already been under a close eye after it was pointed out that the bank was consistantly beating the market with higher than average returns.

So who and what else is going down along with this? Stanford Group Company, Stanford Capital Management, along with James Davis and Laura Pendergest-Holt of the Stanford Financial Group.

Tai Ling Gigliotti

Tai Ling Gigliotti is the adoptive mother of a 16 year old boy that she had been keeping captive with the help of her boyfriend. They had been brutally abusing the teen along with recently keeping him locked up in the bathroom. They had sealed the window with a piece of plywood.

The boy managed to escape last week but had plenty of scars, wounds, and scabs along with a broken forearm. He had apparently been abused for years.

Tai-Ling Gigliotti and Anton Angelo (her boyfriend) have been arrested for aggravated child abuse, and false imprisonment. The 50 year old woman is believed to be the boy's aunt.
 However, it is not confirmed.

Robert Carnes Jr. Knocks Out Suge Knight

A man named Robert Carnes Jr. (claimed to be Akon's business manager) knocked out Suge Knight after a scuffle outside of a private party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. The party was in celebration for the NBA All-Star weekend. 

The cops had arrived and saw Robert Carnes Jr. punch Suge Knight twice in the head. Carnes was charged with a count of felony aggravated assault due to how severe the victims injuries were.

Check out pictures of Suge Knight knocked out here!

Conway National Bank Text Message

Did you receive a text message from Conway National Bank telling you to call a toll free number due to suspicious activity on your Conway National Bank account? There is a chance you actually have a CNB bank account, and there is an even better chance that you don't.

This text message is part of a phishing scam in an attempt to get your bank information and steal your money. The bank vice president, Virginia Hucks, has officially stated that Conway National Bank did not send those text messages. "It's not just Conway National Bank customers, it's non-costomers as well that are getting the message. They have no idea who our customers are."

So there ya go. Don't respond to the text message. Just delete it and hope it doesn't wake you up again!

Smithfield Foods Layoffs

Smithfield Foods Inc. will be closing six of its plants along with the layoffs of 1,800 workers. Rivals have already went into bankruptcy while Smithfield is struggling to stay afloat. The world's largest pork processor has already cut production by 10% to attempt to stop the oversupply of poultry among other things.

This is a bad day for at least 1,800 people.

Juliana Redding Murder

At the age of 21, Juliana Redding was found dead in her one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, California. The aspring actress and model, moved from Arizona to southern California to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Friends who had known her had suddenly lost contact with her for a few days and became worried. They called her mother in Arizona who had then called the Santa Monica police. Police confirmed that the manner of death was homicide. They have been unwilling to let any other details about the investigation out.

If you happen to have any information on the Juliana Redding murder that could possibly lead to the arrest of whoever is responsible for her death, call the Santa Monica Police Department tip line at 310-458-8449.

Aasiya Hassan Murder

A 44 year old man named Muzzammil Hassan murdered his 37 year old wife, Aasiya Hassan. The Buffalo cable TV executive had turned himself in on Thursday evening at the Orchard Park Police Department.

He had hidden his wife's beheaded body at his "place of business" according to what he had told police. Muzzammil Hassan was the CEO and founder of Bridges TV.

Aaisya had previously filed for divorce with her husband on February 6th. She also had a
 protection order that disallowed her husband from entering their home. According to Aasiya Hassan's lawyer, there had been a history of domestic violence between the two. 

There is a picture of Muzzammil and Aasiya below.

Travis the Chimp Video

Poor Travis the Chimp. He ended up being shot and killed by a police officer after brutally attacking a woman and then attempting to attack the police officer. Something was up with the Chimp that day according to the owner who had given him Xanax in tea earlier in the day due to how agitated he had been acting. Watch the video of the full news story on the chimpanzee below.

Chimp Attack Stamford

Travis the Chimp attacked a woman named Charla Nash and left her in critical condition before being shot by police officers due to its rage in Stamford. The 55 year old woman was visiting the owner at 241 Rockrimmon Road when the chimp suddenly went into a rage and attacked the woman.

According to a friend of the victim, Lynne Mecca, the animal bit both of her hands off and kept eating her.

Along with appearing in TV commercials, Travis the chimp would also take photos with people in Stamford.

According to the police, while the chimp was attacking the woman, the owner went into the kitchen to get a butcher knife, in which she used to stab the chimp to try and save her friend. The animal then ran off into a wooded area outside. When the police arrived the chimp came back and tried to enter the police car after knocking the mirror off along with attempting to open the car door. The officer shot the chimp several times in the chest. Travis ran off again into his home. After a search they had found Travis dead in a room from the gunshot wounds.

The locals are surprised since they would regularly see Travis the chimp walking around the neighborhood. However an expert says, "Well, aggressive behavior in chimpanzees is very normal actually, so when they're in an environment filled with people, they don't have any other targets other than people to be aggressive towards." - Dr. E'Lise Christensen.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Austin Fireball Video

As many of you know already, a fireball was seen in the skies of Austin, Texas. A man that was filming a marathon managed to get the fireball on video.

NASA has comfirmed that the fireball was not in connection with the satellite collision that took place not too long ago, but rather it was a natural meteor that came into the earth's atmosphere. The chances of getting this on video has to have been pretty slim, so enjoy watching the Austin fireball come blazing down through the sky.

Texas Fire Ball Video

A camera man was filming a marathon in Texas, when suddenly a fire ball came falling down from the sky. This guy was at the right place at the right time.

There are many eyewitnesses to the fire ball and plenty of speculation as to what it may have been. Some say it is debris from the satellite collision that took place not too long ago. Others say it was a meteor.

NASA has officially made a statement declaring that the fireball was a natural meteor and had no relation to the satellite crash.

There you have it. Below is the video footage captured by the man filming the marathon.

Jason Richardson Arrested

Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns was arrested for driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone while having a 3 year old unrestrained in his car. He will be charged with endangerment, two counts of excessive speed, reckless driving, and failure to use a child seat.

According to the police report, he was clocked at 67 mph in a 40 mph zone. The officer had followed Richardson onto 64th street where Richardson had hit speeds of up to 90 mph. The speed limit in that area was 35 mph.

Elizabeth Mun Wellesley

Elizabeth Mun of Wellesley was found face down in the Andover brook early on Sunday morning after having left a party on foot. The 16 year old Concord Academy student was prounounced dead yesterday afternoon at a hospital on Boston. There is an autopsy scheduled that will determine what exactly had caused her death. Authorities have declined comment about whether or not there was drinking involved.

Tracy Hottenstein

The body of Tracy Hottenstein, a 35 year old woman from Conshohocken, Pa., was found at the Sea Isle City Marina on Sunday morning. She had been in Sea Isle City for the Polar Bear Plunge weekend according to authorities. Her autopsy will be taking place this afternoon.

Family Guy Christian Bale Spoof Video

Family Guy had a small segmant where they took the Christian Bale blow up audio, and added Peter Griffin's voice. It ended up being pretty funny. Have a look at the spoof video below. It is ashame they didn't actually draw up a sketch for the clip.

Woman Going Crazy After Missing Her Flight Video

For anybody that may be losing faith in humanity, I am sorry for this post!

This is a scene from the HKIA. This lady goes absolutely crazy after missing her flight. I sort of get this strange feeling where I feel bad for her while watching the video. However, the behaviour she is showing is certainly not normal or acceptable in that particular setting.

Watch the crazy airport lady video below.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Allen Iverson Cut His Hair

Allen Iverson cut his hair folks. That means that his trademark cornrows are no longer in action. He showed up at the Eastern Conference All-Star practice with a haircut that differed from what he has had for 12 years. Allen Iverson had basically started the cornrow trend in the NBA; what is next, laser tattoo removal?

Check out this picture of A.I.'s new hair below.

Avro 146 RJ100 - Landing Problem in London

A British Airways passenger jet (Avro 146 RJ100) had its nosewheel collapse during landing on Friday evening at the London City Airport. The plane scraped across the tarmac with all 71 people aboard. Everybody escaped through emergency slides, only one person was sent to the hospital, fortunately with only a minor injury.

The plane had arrived in London from Amsterdam at approximately 8 p.m.. That is about all there really is to say about the accident at the moment. Authorities are still investigating what went wrong with the landing gear on the Avro 146 RJ100.

Shawn Grim Football

ABC aired a special tonight called Children of the Mountains. It went over the lives of children that had struggled growing up due to their location and circumstance. Shawn Grim, a particular child on the special had a dream of becoming a football player.

Grim is 18 years old and in the special, trieds to get out of the mountains and become a high school football star all while sleeping in a truck. He sleeps in his truck to get away from his family. He says that everybody that lives on his Hollow are all family and all they ever do is fight with each other. Shawn Grim wants to be the first in his family to graduate high school. 

At the beginning of Grim's senior year, he led the state of Kentucky in touchdowns. He is the
 start of the high school football team, theJohnson Central Golden Eagles. He hopes to use his football talent to gain a scholarship to a college.

Doug Pitt Pictures

Brad Pitt has a brother named Doug Pitt as many may or may not already know. Doug Pitt runs his own Computer Business. He has three kids and coaches their sports according to one report. His wife's name is Lisa.

Want to see a few pictures of Doug Pitt? He resembles his older brother.

Friday, February 13, 2009 - Games and More

Disney has started a new section of their website for boys called Disney XD. There are plenty of games, and episode information on the new shows that are coming out as part of the new XD campaign.

Disney already has the best ratings for young girl viewers, now they are attempting to regain some of the young boy audience. The first show announced in the XD campaign was Aaron Stone. It is about a boy that plays video games.

Check out for games, videos, and plenty more to check out.

Holt Bill

The Holt Bill is now being referred for consideration again on the House Committee on the Judiciary awaiting further action.

The full name of the Holt Bill is the Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009. This bill was first introducted in the 111th Congress by Bobby Rush, a Democrat from Illinois on Jan. 6, 2009.

This is not to be confused with the other Holt Bill that has to do with voting and elections.

Buffalo Plane Crash Photos

Don't expect to see a plane in these photos. The crash photos I've found from the Buffalo plane crash consist mostly of large flames and firefighters attempting to put them out.

You can view the 11 pictures here.

The crash took place last night as Flight 3407 came down from the sky and crashed into a home killing 49 people and one male inside of the house.

I did manage to find a picture of the remains after the fire here. It is said that the black boxes have been found from the flight as well.

Buffalo Plane Crash Victims

There were 50 victims in the Buffalo plane crash last night including a person in the house the plane crashed into.

Only several of the names have been released to the public as of now. The names are as follows.

Crew :
Capt. Marvin Renslow
Rebecca Shaw
Matilda Quintero
Donna Prisco
Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto

Passengers :
Alison Des Forges
Beverly Eckert
Ellyce Kausner
Maddy Loftus
Coleman Mellett
Gerry Niewood
Susan Wehle

Chris Brown's Facebook Statement

Chris Brown has recently posted his status on his private Facebook as, "thinks you'll begin to see her true colors. Believe It!"

This is obviously in reference to Rihanna. His life is being turned upside down so imagine a facebook statement is the best he can do right now. I'm sure his lawyers want him to avoid making any real statements yet. 

He is also pictured with a mystery girl on his Facebook. What's for breakfast? Drama!

Eva Longoria Teri Hatcher Kiss

Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher may be scheduled for a lesbian kiss in the show Desperate Housewives. Various sources have stated that this will be happening. The reports have not been confirmed, nor have they been denied. So for all we know, it is going to happen.

Sounds like a good way to try to get ratings. A source from ABC says "Anything is kind of possible right now. You've got Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice basically becoming one two-hour show, the longest Dancing With the Stars tease ever. I don't think a kiss between Eva and Teri's characters could be ruled out, especially if it keeps people interested in the show."

Well, there ya have it, lesbian kisses coming to Desperate Housewives.

Joaquin Affleck Documentary

Look what I've found. 

IMDB has a documentary in its database set to release sometime in 2010 called Untitled Joaquin Phoenix Documentary. The film is to be directed by Casey Affleck and star Phoenix. So does that mean that all of this quitting acting for a music career in hip hop is just a big hoax?

If so, I wonder what their angle is for the documentary. That the public will believe anything? That people love to watch the downfall of stars more so than the rise?

I am very interested. They are playing the game right if they are trying to gain publicity. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman was enough already to gain a big spotlight. I'm sure there will be more publicity stunts before the documentary release. This still leaves one to wonder.... is Phoenix actually going crazy?

Bonnie Lincoln Picture

Bonnie Lincoln, a New Jersey Nets dancer, is a direct descendent of Abraham Lincoln. This 23 year old works in a legal office and is never hesitant to talk about her ancestory. As you may imagine, she must have some extensive knowledge on Mr. Lincoln. Here is what she had to say. "Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents in our history, people still recognize that today. We have so much to be thankful for because of him."


Well here is a picture of Bonnie Lincoln. She doesn't exacly take after old Abe.

Madeline Loftus Crash Victim

Madeline Loftus was among the vitcims of the tragic continental plane crash lasat night. The 24 year old from Parsippany, N.J. was headed to Buffalo for a women's ice hockey reunion according to Jeff Ventura, a school sports information director.

Frankie Loftus, 22,  said about his sister, "She was an amazing person. She loved to make everyone happy. Everyone who met her loved her instantly.

Madeline Loftus had transferred to St. Mary's University in Minnesota just after he sophomore year in college according to Ventura.

Beverly Eckert Children?

Many are wondering whether the 9/11 widow who's life came to an abrupt end after the tragic plane crash last night had any children. The answer is no. There have been no reports to indicate that she has any children. It is already a terribly unfortunate event that she had lost her life. That is a lot of loss for one family. Especially considering the circumstances.

List of Passengers on Flight 3407

The list of the passengers on the tragic Continental Flight 3407 is below.

Crew :
Capt. Marvin Renslow
Rebecca Shaw
Matilda Quintero
Donna Prisco
Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto

Passengers :
Alison Des Forges
Beverly Eckert
Ellyce Kausner
Maddy Loftus
Coleman Mellett
Gerry Niewood
Susan Wehle

Unfortunately, there were no survivors in the plane crash.

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