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Monday, October 20, 2008

Mystery Card Game

So you have found a card, lucky you. 

I will first explain why I am doing this. It is simply an experiment to see just how many cards will get out there, and how big of a response this will get.

What is in it for you?
If you have the largest amount of points at the end of this game, you win. The first session of the game will end on December 31st.

What do I have to do?
Leave a comment on this blog post with the face and value of the card you found, INCLUDE the codename as well. This is vital. Please include your e-mail in the field for doing so, so I know who to e-mail if you end up winning.

Then what?
Obtain a deck of cards, write the internet address of this page at the top, then come up with a codename and put it at the bottom. Now, put them in public places that you think they are likely to be found. You can give them to friends if you prefer.

How do points work?
People will leave comments on this page if they have found one of your cards. I will be keeping a tally of how many points each codename has through updates on this blog.

On December 31st I will announce the winner, and depending on how big the response and how successful this activity ends up being, I will be giving them a cash prize. I'm assuming it will be a big success so likely $100s will be given away. If it is a huge success $1000. This is pretty easy to win, so get to it! I will also consider giving prizes to 2nd and 3rd.

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