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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jennifer Aniston - Has Hair

If I were to write a biography of actress, Jennifer Aniston, it could take a year. So, what I am going to do, is consistently add things to this bio as time goes on.

So how did the girl born in Sherman Oaks, California end up growing up to be Forbes 8th most powerful celebrity this year? Well, perhaps it helped that she is the daughter of an actress and an actor. Or perhaps it is her striking appearance and general likability in the way she presents herself off the screen. Jennifer Aniston has brought in $904 million with her roles in movies. Her most recent movie is called Love Happens and is one of the reasons she is in her powerful celebrity status position. This puts her ahead of her ex, Brad Pitt.

Now this may be off topic, but lets talk about Jennifer Aniston's hair. The lady has been changing it since the beginning. Her hair is also the envy of a lot of other women out there, proven by a whole Elle column written about the history of Jennifer's hair. There is also a Youtube instructional video that teaches you how to have hair like Jennifer Aniston. That is some serious stuff! It goes over hair products, as well as different methods and tricks that can improve the way a girl's hair looks.

So lets get back to the rise of Aniston. Her first major film role was in the movie Leprechaun. She was only 24 back in 1993 when the film was created. This movie is typically looked down upon by critics but does happen to have a cult following. More for its humor aspect I imagine. A year after that she auditioned for the show "Friends". She didn't land the role she wanted but ended up with the role as Rachel Green. Courtney Cox ended up landing the role Aniston wanted. During the last 2 seasons of Friends, Jennifer Aniston earned $1 million per episode. She also created the popular 90's hairstyle known as "The Rachel" through her years on Friends. So thats more with the hair.

She met Brad Pitt on a blind date during her Friends days. The two dated for two and a half years until they decided to get married. They were married for 5 years until they broke up and went separate ways.

She has 10 movie roles set in the next few years. This 40 year old actress is showing no signs of slowing down. While in fact, it seems she is just getting bigger and bigger in the world of Hollywood. Picture this, Jennifer Aniston shaves her head in the headlines, and the next thing you know, girls everywhere are shaving there heads, we could call that one the Britney.

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