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Monday, March 31, 2008

Emilio Navaira Bus Crash

The Tejano singer, Emilio Navaira has had a severe brain injury after his tour bus collided with traffic barrels in Houston on an interstate highway. Dr. Alex Valadka has said, "There is a chance he may not make it. Everyone needs to understand that right upfront. That's how bad it is." Valadka is the director of neurotrauma at the Memorial Hermann at the Texas Medical Center.
Two hours of operation took place to remove a blood clot in the brain of Navaira.
Emilio is 45 years old and belongs to a band. Six members of his band were injured. Only one of the other members is hospitalized.
He is no longer in a coma, however the hospital is still unsure whether he will come out of this tragedy alive. Permanent damage is a possibility.

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