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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mary Ann Childers Laid Off

Do you tune in to Chicago news on Channel 2 everyday? If so, you probably noticed that Mary Ann Childers is gone. Mark Malone was gone as well. About 18 people that work at WBBM Ch. 2 were laid off and will not have renewed contracts.
This is due to the cutting of costs at the station. Other people that have been laid off are Katie McCall, Rafael Romo, Vicki Zwart, Caryn Brooks, Harvey Moshman, and Phil Hayes.
The president has said "There's certainly some staff reductions that are taking place, we're not unique in the economic enviroments we're all involved in. The Tribune, the Sun-Times, Newsweek, ABC in network news, many, many others haev gone through these reviews of staffing and resources in order to adjust to the economic conditions."
The total number of people "fired" has not been revealed.

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