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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chimp Attack Stamford

Travis the Chimp attacked a woman named Charla Nash and left her in critical condition before being shot by police officers due to its rage in Stamford. The 55 year old woman was visiting the owner at 241 Rockrimmon Road when the chimp suddenly went into a rage and attacked the woman.

According to a friend of the victim, Lynne Mecca, the animal bit both of her hands off and kept eating her.

Along with appearing in TV commercials, Travis the chimp would also take photos with people in Stamford.

According to the police, while the chimp was attacking the woman, the owner went into the kitchen to get a butcher knife, in which she used to stab the chimp to try and save her friend. The animal then ran off into a wooded area outside. When the police arrived the chimp came back and tried to enter the police car after knocking the mirror off along with attempting to open the car door. The officer shot the chimp several times in the chest. Travis ran off again into his home. After a search they had found Travis dead in a room from the gunshot wounds.

The locals are surprised since they would regularly see Travis the chimp walking around the neighborhood. However an expert says, "Well, aggressive behavior in chimpanzees is very normal actually, so when they're in an environment filled with people, they don't have any other targets other than people to be aggressive towards." - Dr. E'Lise Christensen.

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coffeerama said...

a CNN commentator made a good point about the impossibility of ever truly domesticating a wild animal, no matter how much a person might want it to to be domesticated

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