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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Danica Patrick Flag Tattoo

Danica Patrick has a flag tattoo right in the tramp stamp area of her back. You could have seen it from a Sports Illustrated magazine photoshoot almost a year ago. However, in her recent SI photoshoot the magazine airbrushed it away.

Why the issue? Some people may argue that it was an attack on her patriotism to her country. Most likely this was just the magazine making her look how they wanted her to look. If it is an
 issue to airbrush out a flag, it should be an issue to airbrush anything at all. So leave it alone!

To see a picture of her flag tattoo, check it out below.

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blukor08 said...

Danica Patrick didn’t quite bare all in her most recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. While there was an abundance of skin on display, there was one thing that didn’t show up; a tattoo on the small of Danica Patrick’s back. The tattoo was of all things—an American flag.

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