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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Amber Rose and Kanye West

Amber Rose is a model that was seen with Kanye West recently while leaving a club in Los Angeles. This is the same model that danced in Ludacris' video "What Them Girls Like", a photoshoot with Smooth Magazine in which she hardly wore any clothing, along with a Young Jeezy rap video.

Kanye likes em classy just like all of us. There are pictures of Amber Rose here. Not too bad for having no hair I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Amber rose is a stripper her name is paris. And she works in sues rendevous and sin city

Anonymous said...

WHY SO MAD.... ?

Anonymous said...

dont hate.... she is cute and if he likes then skanky more power to you!!!! love u kanye!! keep making good music!


So the blogger is annoyed that she does not wear hair. So your are a blogger with not idea what is "NOW"

She chooses not to wear hair, it is a choice!! Only Fine women can pull it off.

His girl is not really my taste, but there is no denying that she has a very unique style/look&is def easy on the eyes. She is a total HOTTY!!

Do Yo Thang Ms.Rose!

Anonymous said...

Bald or whatever... she still fine.

I'd hit it.

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