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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pheenx Group

Pheenx is a new music group that is pronounced Phoenix. I'm not sure how they expect anybody not to pronounce it Feenks, but thats how it goes I suppose. The groups main girl is Farrah Franklin, the girl that was kicked out of Destiny's Child. Now she is back with her own group called Pheenx.

Apparently a girl got kicked out of Pheenx recently as well. Her name was Bethany and she was accused of being in porn films. Turns out it is true and she withdrew herself from the group. You can watch the video of her withdrawel below.

1 comment:

PHEENX said...

Ya she is a very talented women check out her new video it is hot and I think she is singing it to farrah!!! Youtube: bestofbethanygrant

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