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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stephen Fowler Apology

Stephen Fowler issued a public apology on his wife's blog. However, those links don't seem to be working anymore. The first public release of his apology is here

Another apology was released by his wife. This one stated that Stephen needed professional help. The guy really did sound like a lunatic, perhaps she is right.


Anonymous said...

Letter from Europe.
Stephen Fowler er not educated. How he treated this woman proved it so well. She showes much more self control and education. The reality is probebly that nobody wants Stephen Fowler in Europe and that`s why he left to US. It could be intresting to visit UK and verify what he s saying about his education. Well my french and scandinavisk is better. Remarques: it s as well terrible that people like him infected our schools(french) all over the world.
By the way now I want visit "the middle west of US" because this people looks so nice and humans
Kinds regards from Europe. (France,Scandinavia)
Mathilde Galv.

Kimberly Leasure said...

wow, what an ignorant man. I just happened to stumble across this video you posted about Stephen Fowler, amazing!! Do you think he was just acting to make talk? I'm trying to find his wife's apology that is on your site,, thanks for an interesting video! Whew!

Anonymous said...

It looks like "Showbiz" to me. If this is a real situation Child Protection Service should conduct an investigation.

Anonymous said...

The thing that was so horrific about him was just the way he treated human beings in general, as if we are all fall into a cast system. As if England is somehow filled entirely with civilized, upper-class, polo-playing, Oxford-educated dandys ... No way are the pubs full from 5pm-11pm, no way are there PG Tipps drinking folk, unless they're "commoners" and not of his "set." >eye roll< As Americans we're taught that we're one people and one country, not a set of classes. We're taught not to judge. This guy takes everything we're taught and spits on it, and then chooses to live in our country. Oh, and poison his kids, too.

I call fraud. For me, this dude is from somewhere like Essex and is probably faking the amount of education he has. Hope it all comes out.

Anonymous said...

I am British. I lived in San Francisco for 10 years and sent my kids to the very same school that the Fowler kids go to.

I am totally ashamed of the way Stephen acted. He stands for everything I despise. If he thinks he is a citizen of the world, he is very sadly mistaken. Actually he's in a world of his own. He's a pathetic bully and a coward. I think he should get help for his personality disorder. Working on a farm in the mid west for 2 weeks would be a start... now there's an idea for a reality show.

Please believe me when I say that his attitude is not in any way representative of the British people. Unfortunately, you can find sad losers like him all over the world.

Anonymous said...

I am an East Indian who had the sheer misfortune of working in the UK on a project for a year. Fowler is pretty much representative of British upper class types, and the working class are equally insular--as a whole, Britishers seemed to be very prejudiced against darker skinned people (like myself). And most of them--upper or working class--despise America (reason: envy).
Americans don't know how truly wonderful their country is. It takes people like Fowler to hold the mirror to Americans.

Kimberly Leasure said...

I agree with you, and thank you for comment,,, Kim from Maryland USA, and thank you anonymous friends!!

Anonymous said...

Letter from Canada
When I saw this show on U tube I was shocked at Fowler's behavior. What is even more outrageous was that he was fully aware of being filmed. The cruelty with which he hammered home his insults was hard to accept. We encounter individuals in this life that are less educated and more educated than we are but most of us treat others with respect. Fowler missed a great teaching opportunity here with his children. Instead of demonstrating kindness and tolerance he spewed out offensive words against someone who was a guest in his home trying in every which way to disparage her. This is no 'citizen of the world'

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe how this man treated that woman. I seriously wanted to cry for her. I was so happy to see her not get that upset and stand her ground when he ruthlessly insulted and degraded her. This woman did NOTHING to deserve this. She did not act inappropriately whatsoever and all he did was put her down and acted like an immature a-hole. How dare he act like he is better than her when he treats people that way. She is a much better person than him and she showed it. If that family hates our country so much then I think they need to trade spaces with the people who are going to be on a 10+ year waiting list in another country like India busting their butts to show that they would be a valuable asset to our country while living in a place where there is not even enough water to properly supply its people with. Lets see how much they hate America then. Sorry, I work with a guy who went through that so it wasn't a random rant. It just makes me mad how unappreciative people are. I also wanted to jump through the TV when he insulted our military, saying that her family sounds like a perfect candidate for the army since they have no ambition and are uneducated. These men DIE so that this ungrateful a-hole can run his mouth and not have to go fight because he is too much of a pansy. I pray to God that this guy gets put in his place somehow someday.

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