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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix On Drugs On Letterman Video

Joaquin Phoenix (pronounced Wakeen) was on David Letterman last night. If you have not seen the interview, you must see it immediately. This is among the funniest, strangest, most awkward interviews I have ever seen on the show. Joaquin Phoenix is acting as if he was tripping on some sort of drug the night before, didn't get any sleep, and walked into the interview with David Letterman that morning. Either that, or he is just officially insane now and lost all of his marbles.

Not only is this interview bizarre, but Joaquin is finished with acting and is now going to pursue a music career. What type of music? Rap. Is this a joke? Are we going to find out that he is just playing a prank on everybody? It's the kind of thing that is just a little too funny to be true... There is a video of the Letterman interview below.


Anonymous said...

OMG what a freak, I kept waiting to find out it was all a joke, he was stoned. Poor Dave, I've never seen anything like this, thought he'd pull off a wig or rip off the beard, either a fantactic act, or wow hes gone over the edge!!

coffeerama said...

it’s hard to tell whether Joaquin Phoenix was faking it or not during that Letterman appearance, especially since he’s such a talented actor…

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