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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jay-Z Threatens Chris Brown

It's done. Chris Brown is history. As if it wasn't already entirely stupid of him to hit a female. He had to go and hit a female that is backed by hip hop mogul Jay-Z. Jay-Z is qouted as saying, "Chris is a walking dead man."

Now usually these kinds of threats don't mean much. But it has to shake you up just a bit when the threat comes from a man that raps about guns and violence, along with being a multi millionaire.

I'm sure Jay-Z is just really angry and will cool off eventually. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Jay-z is angry coz Rihanna is his cash cow. If anything happens to her then her image is spoiled and he loses tens of millions of dollars. But I aint gonna blame Chris at all for what happened. Sure it was unfortunate, but he was never a saint! A large part of the controversy AND ANGER has arisen from the fact that they made him out to be Mr. Clean. Now who in the hell asked you to believe that??? YOU chose to believe something and are now angry over him supposedly betraying that 'trust'.BS! The anger for most is disproportionate and directed at this supposed betrayal. Noone asked you to trumpet him to be a goody two shoes. GET REAL. These are celebrities. NONE of them are as decent as they make themselves out to be. And Jay-z... This ain't gangsta rap. This is the real world. You got your ass buried the last time you tried something remotely similar with Nas. Remember? Now calm down and go back to Beyonce. You're lucky to even have her.

Anonymous said...

1st off your a moron.... 2nd off Chris is entirely to blame on this, there is no reason to hit a female unless she's threatening ur life, and can actually take your life (ex holding a gun, knife, something of that nature). And wtf does his rap battle with Nas (which he won, both lyrically and he became his boss)have to do with real life. Before rap Jay was a gangster, if he wasn't killing ppl im sure he knows a bunch of killers, obviously your not from the hood. But where I come from if u hit a female especially a relative, thats grounds for death.......Clown! This is not a "rap" issue this is real life!

Anonymous said...

Usually I wouldn't comment on celeb. gossip, but in your case I just had to!
I didn't know that you had to be a 'saint' or 'mr. clean' in order to keep from busting a woman up... Reality check, retard, people are not mad because he betrayed 'trust' people are mad because his pussy ass BEAT UP HIS GIRLFRIEND. If your angry, walk away. I'm sorry but what kind of douche would be dumb enough to rough up someone as famous as Rihanna?
As far as Jay-Z goes. He is VERY wealthy and VERY powerful. He is an ace in the entertainment business, not just rap alone. I'm sure he can manage to pull something off. You should seriously consider developing some sense before commenting. The spread of your stupidity is unnecessary!

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