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Monday, February 9, 2009

Shauna Daly White House

Shauna Daly was named the White House counsel research director by the Obama comittee just last month. The 29 year old Democrat has no law degree, nor does she have any legal training on her resume.

What Daly does have experience in, is digging up dirt on Democratic rivals in order to prepare for attacks.

Some Republicans are calling this a politicization of the office.
"Daly does not have the qualifications to be holding a significant position in the White House counsel's office," says lawyer and radio-show host Mark Levin.
"Her only qualification is that she knows how to dig up dirt on other people."

Well honestly, it is a bit messed up that a person without the standard qualifications would get this job over somebody else. But the dirt being dug up.... if there is nothing to hide, let it be dug. It will then prove she is useless for her position.

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