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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - The Official Website Of Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman now has an official website up so she can receive donations to help support her many children. This is caused somewhat of an uproar over people that aren't very big fans of her decision to parent so many children at once.

I suppose the logic behind donating could be to think about the children and hope that she will use the money towards them instead of on more plastic surgery. Or whatever else she may decide to use it on. I'm sure she will continue to be in the news, so we will probably know just about every dime she spends on everything.

Her official website can be viewed at


Anonymous said...

I'm unsure how someone who collected disability payments for a back injury makes the decision with her physician to carry 8 fetuses? Makes you go hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

May god bless you and all of your 14 angels, never mind what these idiots have to say, because at the end of the day you have to raise them. you didnt commit a crime by having any children so never mind what anyone has to say. god bless you and your angels. ms adams,from brooklyn,NY

Rich said...

Why do they have to be idiots? Having kids when you aren't financially able to provide for them is idiotic. Its unfair to the children, and its unfair to the taxpayers, that end up footing the bills.

Anonymous said...

please, this is so sickening for a woman to bring all these babies into the world without a pot nor a window to throw it out of. Depending on her poor old mother to carry a burde.
we're not stupid out here, we know why you had them. You wanted to get rich and not have o strike a lick at anything. Woman hasn't anyone told you lately that people are struggling to make ends meet. So all I can tell you is to get a job and stop living off the taxpayers, we're tired of all you check drawers.

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