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Monday, February 9, 2009

Selena Roberts Sports Illustrated

Alex Rodriguez has officially apologized for using steroids along with admitting that he had.

There is more to the story. He also claims that a sports reporter working for Sports Illustrated named Selena Roberts had stalked him in order to compile her story that would reveal that A-Rod had failed his 2003 steroid test. A-Roid says that he has evidence of Roberts being cited by the Miami Beach police after an attempt to break into his house.

A-Roid says "What makes me upset is that Sports Illustrated pays this lady, Selena Roberts, to stalk me."

If Alex Rodriguez is telling the truth, there seems to be a lot of money involved in her investigation into his steroid use. According to him she is doing this for her article, as well as a book that she is coming out with in May.
Selena Roberts says that A-Rod's allegations are absurd. What do you think? Are they both full of it? One or the other?


Jay Russell said...

Selena Roberts doesn't get it! She is a bottom feeder reporter tryin to get her name out there. Stalking Alex is typical in the way bottom feeding reporters work. I hope Sports Illustrated realizes that she is a low grade reporter and fires her!

Anonymous said...

I think its likely that Alex is telling the truth about Selena Roberts. This so called lady, and I DO use the term loosely, has a history of being a scumbucket.

Just take a look at her unfounded allegations and outright crucifiction of the Duke LaCrosse team. Also her association in defending Michael Vick can be cited.

This woman is a headline seeker, out for the quick buck and doesnt care who she tramples to get it. Alex was a perfect target for her.

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