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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stephen Fowler San Francisco

Recently on Wife Swap, a man named Stephen Fowler from San Francisco consistantly insulted a mid-western woman for her lifestyle throughout the episode. From what I have gathered, his narrow mind could not grasp that there are other ways to live and still be content and happy. Though... what one would really gather from this, is that he has a huge ego and let his own personal problems surface through his behavior.

To make matters worse, he did all of this on public television. Now the guy is being viewed as the worst husband in America. Except, he probably doesn't care!

Just so you can see a preview of what this Stephen Fowler guy acted like on Wife Swap, check out this video of him below.

1 comment:

wootang95 said...

I just recently saw the show and I could not believe what I was watching. I was so mad and I felt so bad for your family especially the kids. You cannot force ur kids to do things that they don't want to do! And trust me, they do not want to be doing all that bull****. I am a educated family man who graduated from John Hopkins and I make over $250k/yr and if my parents did that to me when I was young, I will NOT be where I am at now. Your kids will someday resent this and could haunt them.

How dare u put those ppl down just because they are less educated and less healthy than you? You are a disgrace to the human race and I hope one day, you will repent and maybe god might forgive you. Your apology means crap to me and ppl do not change who they are. You are a f*cking jackass and a f*ucked up person. If I ever saw u on the street, I will spit on ur face. Why don't u go back to where u came from and stay there.

Its great to be healthy and eating the right food but you don't judge other ppl for not doing what u are doing. You can try and help but don't f*ucking degrade them and make fun of them. By the way, u are not that healthy looking. Y don't you spend some money and get a f*ucking face job. Although ur wife is not too bad. Either way, I'm writing this cuz its not too late to save ur kids. I know u guys can't change who u are but have ur kids make their own. They are great kids.

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