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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna Injury Attack Photos

While none of the photos from Rihanna's injuries from the attack of Chris Brown have been released yet. Police have taken picture, and say that the result of his abuse is horrific. It is being reported that the photos show that she has major contusions on both sides of her face. Along with some serious bruising and swelling. Her nose was bloody and lip was split. There are also confirmed bite marks on an arm as well as several fingers.

According to Rihanna, Chris Brown struck her with his fists and not a weapon. Could this be a claim so he doesn't get in as much trouble? Regardless of what it is, Brown beat her up badly and should be serving the same kind of prison term any other man would get in this scenario.

Chris Brown is going to jail.


ImageLuv said...

Rihanna must be too overly possessive but even then, Chris Brown is wrong to lay a finger on a lady.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna girl, you will soon find out why caribbean girls feel dat american men like, crazy, living in de dark ages when it comes to knowing how to treat and respect a good woman

Anonymous said...

Here we go. Crucify Chris because he hit Rihanna. Poor Rihanna, she had no way of escape during the entire tenure of their abusive realationship.Never mind this is the type of relationship they BOTH have continued to endure. Im sorry but how can I give CB the electric chair w/my words yet Rihanna seems to be ok as she keeps taking him back? Assault is wrong no matter who does it but if both parties are co-dependent what do you do? Lil Miss Sunshine isnt as clean as the pure driven snow-she has issues to. The difference between her and most victims is that she actually has a way of escape, whereas most victims are completely alone, have no money and are beaten so regularly they dont even go outside much.

W/her money and freedom doing shows and concerts and interviews and commercials she could have easily gotten away many times, she didnt want to-for whatever reason-we will probably never know.And how do you know she doesnt get physical too? Over 92% of abused men do not report the female-men should take a lesson from that!

Chris hits on Rihanna, Chris is horrible, he is mean, he should go to jail etc. We can say that til the cows come home but at the end of the day if she keeps running back-what?

They've been together long enough to know what buttons to push. When he sees shes is trying to go to far, he should flee! When she sees hes about to snap, she should go! Whenever you are in a relationship with someone and they have so much power over your emotions that they can cause you to lose control-YOUD BETTER RUN! Thats not love, its obsession and its dangerous. When the first hit happened, they should have parted ways right then or got professional help. They didnt, so the cycle escalated. Now the country hates Chris Brown for hitting Rihanna but nobody is asking why Rihanna didnt take any of her concert millions, or cover girl endoresment checks, get a restraining order, hire off duty cops, inform JayZ and TI and Kanye and go on with putting her life back together. Well, thats my question to her. Im sorry they both feel the need to be in a relationship thats abusive. They both need counseling for self-esteem, anger management, fear of rejection and to learn the difference between love and "i dont want to see you with anyone else so im willing to put up with whatever".

Nobody is asking Chris why he has the propensity for violence and advising him to seek counseling, to be real with himself, to stay away from women and situations that enrage him.Its dangerous to put all the blame on him and offer no assistance or support and give all the support to her but shield her from the part she has played.

They are both to blame.

Anonymous said...

yea hes wrong for doin it but she must've done something really bad for him to do that to her cuz he wouldnt do it for the hell of it!!!! i heard that she gave him herpes and if thats the case then she deserved it!!!! CB is my baby and i hope he doesnt go to jail.

Anonymous said...

NO man has the right to put his hands on a woman!! EVER. Men who beat on women have the urge to control something or someone, so the pick people whom can't defend themselfs. As for Rihanna, if the relationship was rocky and abbusive before, she's stupid for staying. CB does not belong to any of you little girls out there ... and he will pay for what he did.

Anonymous said...

no offence but im a chick and if a girl hits a guy he should smack her back ,he has the right to defend himself everyone has the right to defend themselves all he did was bite her that shit is fake if u know that real deal you should have common sense enough to know that people can easily photoshop things. she was probably messin with her while he was driving and when she was smaking him he caught her arm and bitch that chick so to f***in bad. Not like he bit a chunk or anything . and he pulled over ot let her out if he was a bad guy he would have kicked her out while the car was still rollin. Im a teenager and i have that much sense.

Anonymous said...

I dnt think men should hit women but if she keeps hitn you then shit you warned her. Women shouldn't provoke men. I ain't sayin chris brown was right for what he did but they both played a role in this one. Kuz she could've easily got out of the car before it got bad she didn't have to toss the keys outside. But I neva thought chris brown would do that but hey you can't judge a book by its cover. He must do the time for the crime.

Anonymous said...

hmmm lets see chris brown has a history of abuse in his family and none of u know him personally so whos to say he doesnt have a prob. and actually a lot of women who are abused have jobs and money but that doesnt mean anything once fear sets in their heart. the way they look at it is even if they do leave he has put it into their heads that he will always find them or their family and hurt them. So just because they might be able to move away doesnt mean everyone is safe after that.

As far as that maybe shes physical too thing and u saying that 92% of abused men dont say anything, the point your missing is that an abused man doesnt fight back! Hence the term that he is abused! A friend of mine was recently going thru this same kind of thing being abused by her husband, she had a traveling job making good money, but he would also tell her he would hurt her family if she ever tried to sneak away. She says once they start biting the abuse is real bad cuz thats just a form of tryin to slowly inflict pain by slowly biting on them.


Anonymous said...

Even if she did give him an STD she didn't know! Jeeze. It's not like she was like "Oh, I'll give Chris an STD because I feel like it" She didn't have a fucking clue. You guys need to not think of him as Chris Brown right now. Think of him as a normal man. Would you be on his side if it wasn't Chris Brown? Think clearly guys. She could've died and you're saying "OMG I HOPE MY BABY DOESNT GO TO JAIL!" Just because you think he's attractive doesn't mean you should be on his side for almost killing a woman. I say Chris deserves to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

They were dating.. she knew him. That usually only makes it a misdem. since it is filed under domestic disturbance. If a man off the street did that to her it would be assult among other charges, but since she dates him, he could get little to no sentence.

Anonymous said...

how do yall know it was chris.
it couldve been a hater of rihanna
they probably said "if u tell anyone... I WILL KILL YOU!!!!"
And chris could of not wanted rihanna to get hurt so he took the blame.

.*.*.*.*.*luv*.*.*.*.*. said...

What if rihanna was your sister and chris was her boyfriend? wouldn't you want to put 'her' boyfriend in jail for attacking your sister? exactly, so even though chris is a hot and sexy singer doesn't mean you should treat him all above everyone else. treat him normal, and he deserves to get a little jail time. nothing like 30- years, just so he realizes what he has done. give rihannah a break, what would you do if your boy friend got a 'booty call' text from another girl? just laugh and provoke the text? no you would get jealus too. Also, is it a reason to beat up your girl friend if she gave you herpies? well yeah that would suck but she didnt know? Lets let things boil down a little bit and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

everyones sayinq yea its wronq cuz he put his hands on her but she provoked him, i know its still wronq but if somebody is beatinq on me im qona beat them off too. Why is everbody talkinq about how he put his hands on her wut about how she put her hands on him.. just my opinion..

Anonymous said...

how did he almost "kill" her she isnt in the hospital is she no is she in critical condition w/ life threating injuries no!!!!!!!!!!

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