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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50 Cent and Rick Ross Beef

50 Cent and Rick Ross have had an on going beef as many people who follow the "rap game" already know. On the New York radio station, Hot 97, the two rappers dissed eachother back and forth. 50 Cent has said that Rick Ross will not be able to recover "from what I've already done.".

Just this weekend on the official 50 Cent website,, there were even more insults geared towards Rick Ross. One of which called him Officer Ricky, since he was once a correction officer before becoming a famous rapper. Another insult included details about 50's relationship with Tia Kemp, a mother of one of Ross' children.

The 50 beef with Lil Wayne has not really had that much of a response, therefore this Ross beef seems to be all the fuel he has got in the rap drama department.

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