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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angie Everhart Reality Show

Is she serious?

Angie Everhart is going to be a mom soon. She is 14 weeks pregnant with a man that she refuses to name. She claims that the dad is a nice guy and is excited about the new child on the way. Apparently they are not a couple and he is not famous.

Everhart was previously in a relationship with Joe Pesci until last April; if you can picture that.

So now she is talking about having her own reality show starring herself being a s
ingle mom. Her angle is "I decided to do a show about me being a single, strong, healthy, and good spirited woman who is having a baby on her own. I want to show the positive aspects of women who do it on their own." Good intentions, but will anybody really want to watch it? My guess is that it will last for one season. Who knows though, maybe Angie Everhart is extremely entertaining and interesting to people.

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