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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Citigroup Sues All Citi Pawn Shop

Citigroup is creating a lawsuit against All Citi Pawn Shop for copyright infringement due to having a similar logo. All Citi is a pawn shop located in Brooklyn, New York. The accusation is that the pawn shop is using the same Citi abbreviation and a red arc in its logo, which ends up being extremely similar to the banks icon.

So what better way to get through the financial crisis than to gain all of the profits All Citi has earned since it has used its flashy "new" logo!

Bob Kay, the manager of the pawn shop says "What can I tell you? It's crazy. They're going wild for a little art that I put up. Theirs is a moon shape, mine is a V-shape, but I've already taken it down."

Citigroup has said on the matter "as a matter of course, we work to protect the value of our trademarks."

It seems as if it would be enough just to ask the obviously smaller company to take the logo down, rather than seek their profits. Seems like bad business to me if the other company was unaware of the copyright infrindgement.

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