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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hob Knocker Definition

There is no official definition for the slang term Hob Knocker. There is however a term called Hob Knobber... I will not go into detail as to what that means because it is inappropriate for the age group that is curious about this word.

The word Hob Knocker was said on iCarly today by David Archuleta which you can watch the video clip of below. The word was used frequently.

So as far as a definition, here is what I have gathered from random internet sources. A Hob Knocker is a person that is considered cool but in a nerdy geekish kind of way. This may or may not be true, but it seems to be the closest to the truth for a made up word anyway.


Anonymous said...

you do know they said it was disgusting and illegal

dedom19 said...

Yes, but I'm not sure if they were being serious about that. It may have just been to be funny.

Anonymous said...

a hob knocker is someone who hits other guys in the groin for fun
those who have had this done to them have been hobknocked its lower class brittish slang used to describe somone who is an idiot or just greatly disliked much like we use the word tool or douchebag

Anonymous said...

actually a hob knocker is a man that hurts other people with his privates

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