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Friday, February 6, 2009

John Schnatter Pizza Warning

John Schnatter has recently said in an interview, "Pizza's actually healthy for you if you don't eat too much of it; you can't eat five or six slices, but if you eat one or two slices it's very nutritious." 

So what is wrong with that? The Papa John's owner is being honest with his customers. Anybody can look up the nutritional facts of pizza on the internet, or just use common sense and figure that eating half of a pizza isn't an ideal diet unless you are trying to pack some weight on.

The worry here, is that he had said this in the U.K., a country that he is trying to expand his
 company. When investors hear the owner of a pizza company telling the consumer not to eat too much pizza, they get a little weary.

I could go for some pizza right now actually.... I'll keep in mind to limit myself to 2 slices!

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