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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vantage Credit Union E-Mail Scam

There is a phishing E-mail scam going around claiming to be Vantage Credit Union. Be aware of this if you have received any e-mails from the company. There is a chance it isn't actually from them, but from a con-artist. 

Banks have been targets of phishing scams for several years now, with a recent increase since 2008. Over ten million dollars total have been taken from bank accounts already. 

To learn more of these attempts go to Vantage's page dedicated to inform the public on these E-Mails and phishing attempts HERE.

1 comment:

David R. Darrow said...

I get these scammer e-mails in my mail every day.

Every once in a while, one strikes me as funny because of the audacity, or the name of the person, or the spelling... Anyway, I started writing back to these people just to poke fun at them, but in a way that sounds like I am falling for the scam.

You might get a kick out of reading my responses (sometimes the scammers even write back). I post them with the original names and e-mail Subject lines (to be searchable, in hopes of alerting other potential victims) at a blog I created just for my sarcastic responses, called Scam and Eggs.

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