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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Batleth Robberies

What would you do if a man came into your convenience store weilding a weapon that looks a lot like a sword? There is a chance that he would successfully rob your store because you don't want any trouble. Or if you are one of those crazy guys from SpikeTV you can get your shotgun out from behind the counter and tell the guy to get the hell out of your store.

This is where the story gets crazy. A man robbed two stores in Colorado Springs using a Star Trek Klingon weapon called a Batleth. The man that used this Batleth weapon was wearing a black mask, black jacket, and blue jeans. Both of the robberies took place at 7-11 stores.

This is what the Officer would look like if he were trying to stop the man with a Batleth of his own.

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