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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Christie and Bobby Baskin Found

After about 20 years of going missing, Christie and Bobby Baskin have been found in San Jose. They had been kidnapped by their grandparents who had claimed they did it because the kids were being abused by their parents.

At the moment there is no news as to whether the children (now adults), wish to see their parents. The names that Christie and Bobby go by now are Jennifer and Jonath
an Bunting.

Mark Baskin, the father has said "I'm a little bit fearful of what they think about us, because they have been brainwashed for 20 years."

The mother, Debbie Baskin has said "It's a blessing to know that they were alive and well."

So that is about all of that really. It is a lot of family stuff, and not really worth reporting the rest of the details. The Grandpop is going to be held in the court of law and the case will continue as time goes on.

In the pictures below are Christie and Bobby Baskin at the age of the kidnapping.

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