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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell Pictures

As many have now found out, there are rumors going around that Paul Walker has gotten enganged to his 19 year old girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. Walker is 35 years old and according to sources had started dating Gosnell when she was 16. A little strange? Yeah, I think so.

However, sources claim that Paul was not intimidated by her age.... a little strange? Yeah I think so.


I'm sure everybody wants to see some pictures of Jasmine Gosnell now that this rumor has hit the surface. The two were spotted together in Hawaii in this series of photos below.


Anonymous said...

What the hell? Meadow needs a mother not an older sister. Paul needs someone his age that is grounded and has her shit together. If something seems wrong, that means it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem strange to me. Let them be.

Anonymous said...

Meadow DOES NOT need a mother she has one!!!!!!and untill you know the true story you should keep your big mouth shut....

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