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Friday, February 6, 2009

Drinking Collagen

Some people enjoy drinking Coffee, some people like Tea, other people prefer fruit juices. Maybe not everybody is drinking this stuff for the health benefits (anti-oxidents, and vitamins in some cases). But, there are some people that are. Then we have a whole new category, the people that drink collagen for health.

Did I read that correctly?! Collagen?! Yes.

A Japan based company called Toki has released a drink that consists of collagen and will give you "porcelain skin from within". It has been clinically proven that your skin texture and appearance will improve if you drink this powder drink. There are three ingredients that contribute to this; Calcium, Collagen, and Mucupolysaccharide.

At first this stuff was used to improve joints in patients. The patients then also reported that their skin had better appearance and texture. So it must be true afterall. If you are interested in buying Collagen drink perhaps you should look here.

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