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Friday, February 6, 2009

Tony Romo Cheats at Party

Star Magazine, a well known tabloid that posts tons of rumors about celebrities, some of which are true, and some of which are certainly not true; has recently put up a story about Tony Romo cheating on Jessica Simpson in her own house.

The story goes something like this.
Jessica Simpson flies out of Burbank airport on January 16th. Romo decides he is going to host a party at her house. A bunch of people show up, including an olive skinned brunette that seems to be giving Tony Romo a lot of extra attention. The two go upstairs to Jessica's room and "get down".

Then they suggest that this may be because Simpson has gained weight recently. Now I am absolutely positive there are going to be plenty of people that believe this rumor regardless of
 what common sense may say. But to believe that her 10 pound or so weight gain has anything to do with it would be beyond dumb.

So what do you think? Is this just a rumor?

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