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Friday, February 6, 2009

USS Port Royal is Stuck! Runs Aground

This one is fun. A United States guided missle cruiser navy ship has ran aground at about 10:30 PM Thursday night near a Honolulu International Airport runway. No fuel leaks, no injuries, no known coral reef damage as of now. However, I do not suspect that they had checked for that yet.

Tugboats tried to free the USS Port Royal from land, but the lines broke. I wonder how fast this thing was going in order to get stuck on land to the point where tugboat lines are breaking.

Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of this ship in its new stuck position. Fail boat!


Anonymous said...

That reef is in close proximity to the anchorages off the airport. I've anchored there before and don't like it for that fact. I've heard they parted their anchor chain. In that scenario, you have a minute or two to restore propulsion otherwise, you're aground!

Hemster said...

try one of the Honolulu newspaper sites. Starbulletin had one but I am unable to forward it.

Anonymous said...

The ship wasn't moving very fast, and doesn't need to be when a ship with a fairly high draft drifts into 17-foot water. And no, this is not "fun"

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